This involves inserting fine, sterilised needles on specific meridian points which are situated just under the skin.
This stimulates Qi resulting in dispersion and restoring Qi balance, thereby removing qi blockage.

There may be a slight tingle or dull ache when the needles are inserted but unlike the needles used for injections acupuncture needles are not hollow and insertion is virtually painless. Any sensations noticed when needles are inserted usually quickly disappear and patients frequently comment on further feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. The needles are left in position for about thirty minutes and patients can relax in privacy and enjoy a soothing rest.

Similar to acupuncture this method is based on restoring Qi balance. However, instead of needles fingertips pressure is applied to meridian points, resulting in a very relaxing massage effect. This method can be particularly effective in relieving muscle tension.

Acupressure can also be applied to meridian points on the ear. This is similar to reflexology methods whereby pressure is applied to meridian points which are linked to specific organs.

Dr Sofie is proficient in the use of various Chinese healing methods. Cupping is used for localised healing, relaxation and has a calming effect. This can be useful in helping with Qi, blood and lymph problems. Heat and suction are used to create a partial vacuum in glass jars which are placed on the skin and left in place for a few minutes. This results in underlying tissue being drawn to the surface which stimulates Qi, blood and lymph.

Chinese herbs are an important part of the TCM treatment. The ingredients can be obtained from leaves, grasses or flowers. They are completely natural and contain no animal products. Each herb has specific properties and Dr Sofie carefully selects and combines a mixture of herbs for every individual patientís particular requirements. Herbs are used to make a tea drink.

Dry Herbs £5.00 Per Bag
Acupuncture £35.00 Per Session
Acupressure £35.00 Per Session
Cupping £15.00 Per Session
Light Heating £15.00 Per Session
Ear Candle £20.00 Per Session
Ear Points £10.00 Per Session
Chinese Reflexology £35.00 Per Session
Herbal Products Varied