Psoriasis & Eczema


Monday 29th October 2007 (World Psoriasis Day)

Nearly fifty years ago a dermatologist told me that I had a very thick skin which would always cause problems (I had four operations to remove facial cysts). Some years ago I contracted psoriasis (not too bad at first). The family doctor prescribed a steroid cream for a short time, which checked the psoriasis for a time. A few years ago it flared up again with a vengeance. Again I was given the steroid cream for a week, and then given a tar-based cream which made it very much worse.

Friends and family urged me to try acupuncture, but I could not see how sticking a few needles in me would work. Early this year I was approached by Dr Wang. Impressed by her sincerity, I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I have made. Everyone tells me how well I look.

I will always be grateful to Dr Wang and Yins for their treatment. As a bonus, I now have two new very special friends.



Monday 24th September 2007

Having tried many different types of therapies for my psoriasis, none of which had any long-term effects, I decided to try acupuncture.

After only ten sessions, I noticed a marked difference in the appearance and I am confident that it will have gone completely by the end of my therapy.

Thanks , Herbmedic.



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