Wednesday 29th July 2009

(I have had chronic fatigue – ME - for 6 years)

At first I was sceptical about this treatment but it has got rid of my migraines. I was having one a week for seven months but now they are completely gone. I have improved sight from not being able to see through blurred vision. It is now getting much better. I could barely taste anything but now I can taste fine, everything did taste stale. But now I can taste all sorts of things. I did have dizziness for about four days a week to the extent that I couldn’t walk all week, but now it’s a lot better. I have had this treatment for five weeks and have improved a lot.



4th September 2009

Dr Sofie has worked for the last few months on my son who was diagnosed (?) with ME, he has been involved for the past six years with the Alder Hay, Great Ormond Street and Nobles Hospital. I feel he has come on in leaps and bounds with his alternative treatment. More so than with conventional treatments.

I can fully recommend Dr Sofie to anyone who is having problems.

K.W. (Mother of patient)