Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain


5th September 2011

I can recommend Dr Sofie Wang for the treatment of back pain. I suffered for many years with this complaint until in June 2011, when I visited Dr Sofie for acupuncture, acupressure and cupping therapy. I also was prescribed to take 8 bottles of Chinese pills which lasted for 10weeks. Immediately after the treatment I felt a big improvement and until now some 12 weeks later I can honestly say it has improved my life style greatly.

Bill Jackson Preston Lancashire.


30th August 2010

Saw Dr Sofie because of sharp pains in my left shoulder. After three treatments the pains have ceased and the shoulder is pain free.

Dr Sofie is a very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable doctor who I would recommend for any treatment with injuries from sport activities etc. etc.



1st October 2009

 In August this year I had a recurrence of a back problem again after trying to pick my glasses up off the floor. This left me in considerable pain and unable to work fitting a bathroom.

I phoned Darren and Sofie first thing and they came round to my house within an hour of my phone call. Sofie performed acupuncture and a massage on my back along with cupping. I was given Woodlock Oil and some pills to take, which I did without fail.

I was back at work the next day as the pain I experienced the day before had gone.

Words cannot express the relief that I felt or the gratitude to Sofie and Darren for their very professional service, which I highly recommend.

Good luck with your business.

A very satisfied customer.



14th August 2007

After suffering for a number of years with neck problems I attended your clinic. I have had 12 + 5 treatments, and I am happy to say, with much success and great relief that my neck is without doubt 100% improved.

Your staff are without doubt very professional and have put me at my ease at each treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending your clinic to my friends.

A very happy patient.



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