Allergies & IBS


I went to see Dr Sofie Wang, in desperation. After several years of pain and endless surgical tests with no lasting results or relief, I looked into alternative therapy.

I suffer from a wheat allergy and IBS which leave me with horrific symptoms such as constant burning pain under my ribs, bloating, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. These symptoms in turn, left me feeling exhausted, couldn’t sleep, felt very anxious and stressed out. I would have two severe bouts of nausea twice a month which both lasted for approximately five days.

I went to see Dr Sofie Wang on one of these days. I had the free consultation in my lunch hour and went back after 5pm the same day to start my treatment. I was pretty nervous at the prospect of acupuncture, but after one session (during which I feel asleep as I was so relaxed) my nausea reduced immediately. I had a second session later in the week and the nausea and other symptoms cleared up totally.

I also have acupressure, which is absolutely fantastic and totally relieves my stress. I used to suffer from bad sinuses at this time of year (which I didn’t tell Dr Sofie) and it just hasn’t happened this year. I’m convinced that is down to the acupressure. I sleep well at night and where as the slightest little thing used to stress me out, it doesn’t anymore. I have tonnes of energy and I’m able to do all the things again that I once loved doing!

If you have been suffering from long-term problems like I had, I would totally recommend that you try an alternative therapy. I’m only sorry that I didn’t look into it sooner. Having completed a course of 6 sessions I intend to continue. We spend endless amounts of money getting our hair done etc to keep it looking tidy, so it makes sense to me to look after my body and keep it in tiptop condition by having a session once a month!



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